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My name is Michał Szymeczko and im miniature painter from Poland. Im focusing on showcase level of painting miniatures for competitions, companies and collectors. In 2005 i started to paint Warhammer and LotR miniatures but my real journey started in 2017 when i painted my first competition entry. Since that my passion is growing constantly, mainly through taking part in international contest and trying to improve my style and skills. Im not full time painter but im trying to paint everyday 4-8h. Sometimes more.

I was working for a companies like Karol Rudyk Art, Kimera Models, Limbo Miniatures and more. In my works im trying to replicate different kind of textures, and surfaces thats why i feel most comfortable with painting beasts, animals, monsters and dragons. Fur, dragon scales, fracture skin, wings and feather are just an example of it. I love to paint warrior style miniatures both male and female with NMM. Im not focusing on one subjects and thats why every of my worki is different. I mix a lot of paints and Im rarely using colors straight from a pot.

Im heavily inspired by canvas artist like Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, Roberto Ferri.

I treat every new project differently. Before painting im doing research for references just to understand subject good enough to know what i want to paint. Thats why i always keep in mind that every brushstroke matters!

When painting for companies Im creating unique and eye catching piece just to make sure boxart will present itself on website or kickstarter side and will help to increase sale. I dont mind painting with references provided by company. I always discuss every step and current progres. But when I have free choice Im creating my best works in my opinion.

When working for collectors, there are mostly my private projects that i use as competition entries for MSS, SMC and other.

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